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Tom Thumb

Art which is fantastical and is not representative of anything in the real world.

My art could be described as illustrations from the fantastical realm of fairy tale and spiritual immersion. Many include fantasy characters from the imagination. Add a smattering of the bizarre, tessellating patterns, naivety, the surreal crossed with abstraction then you get ‘Malbique’ – my nom de plume. Every piece is created with a mixture of different mediums: pencils, watercolours, coffee, beetroot, gel pens, drawing ink, dip pens, drawing pens, pastels and felt tips – whatever comes to hand.

Painted in real time, there is no intentional aim attached to any one picture, just the will to come into existence. There is much which lies beneath the surface of the subconscious and an image can manifest in surprising ways purely by improvisation. I take inspiration from the paintings of Chagall whose works best reflect the colourful world I hope to inhabit when beginning each picture.

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